Friday, October 27, 2006


dbackup is a disk-based client-server backup system for Linux or other UNIX systems.

It works on the principal that disks are cheaper and more reliable than tapes.

Backups are started by cron probably on a daily basis by the client. The client backs up individual filesystems / directories with tar and sends the result to the server, which stores them in a simple tree-based directory structure.

Restores are trivial, either by using the supplied restore client, or by simply copying the appropriate tar files off the server and uncompressing them.


  • Backup very large filesystems as long as you have the disk space

  • Works with very large numbers of servers / filesystems

  • No state is kept on the client, it’s all on the server

  • Backup to multiple backup servers in round-robin

  • Configuration can be global or per-server

  • Authentication for client restores (optional)

  • Supports optional gzip or bzip2 compression

  • Supports client-side gpg encryption

  • Trivial procedure for restores

  • Daily / Full incremental backups

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My GPG Key

I believe in GPG for encryption and signing stuff. Here is my GPG key, which you can use to send me mail.

You can also get the key off any public PGP keyserver. The key ID is 0x4FAEE50C

F668 88AC 8232 2030 AF6E 7D5D DEDE DCC3 4FAE E50C

Download key file

Obfuscated Perl

$S=int(rand(time))*9;while($S>=10){$t=0;$t+=$_ foreach split//,$S;$S=$t}

Who doesn't love obfuscated Perl code? This is one I wrote, and it's very simple.